The Huntington Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco was looking for a high quality, cost effective voice reservation service.

Often, the first impression a potential guest has is created during the conversation with a member of the hotel’s Reservation Department.  If that conversation doesn’t go well and doesn’t properly reflect the quality of the hotel, that potential reservation may be lost, and the property may suffer the ripple effect of poor service.

The Topaz motto is “Genuine Hospitality,” with its voice center staff providing the highest levels of customer care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“In a time of ‘belt tightening’ and ‘thinking outside the box’ to reduce expenses and keep up the quality of service for which the Huntington Hotel is known, we decided on Topaz as our answer,” commented Gail Isono, General Manager, Huntington Hotel & Nob Hill Spa.  “The people who make up the Topaz team are conscientious of our parameters and very good communicators with the needs of the business as the travel industry continues to change.”

Topaz provides Reservation Department services to independent hotels and hotel management companies.  Topaz products and services help clients increase their presence in the marketplace and maximize revenue by increasing call conversion and generating higher average daily rates..