C5 Call Center Application for On- or Off-site Hotel Reservations


C5, which stands for Cloud-Connected Call Center Console, is the next generation of Topaz Services’ proprietary booking application. This state-of-the-art system is built in-house with valuable contributions from hotel reservation professionals who know the art of the reservation process. The system’s architecture ensures a unique and smooth call experience for the guest, while its features make the agent both efficient and effective, which increases call conversion.

Our intuitive and integrated booking application is now available for use within the Hotel Reservation Department. Designed specifically to facilitate the voice reservation

 process for hotels, this new product has already proven its ability to deliver higher conversion rates than other systems. The dynamic screen layout creates a structure for the call flow yet is not “scripted” which allows for a real connection with the guest.

The layout is designed in such a way that information is at the agent’s fingertips minimizing the need to have multiple screens changes or manual searches. C5 is information-rich, which gives the Reservation Sales Agent access to all the tools needed to present and reserve a  hotel-room, whether on-site or working remotely. Being web application, C5 can be used on any modern browser without the need to install any additional software or plugins.

Reservation agents using C5, can retrieve hotel reservations booked through other reservation channels, allowing reconfirmation or modification of existing bookings whether reserved through C5 or not. The real-time inventory and rate control as well as reservation delivery, creates real time-saving operational efficiencies.  

Features and Benefits for the User include:

  • Structured User Interface facilitates unique and smooth voice reservation process
  • High-tier, customer service oriented process leads a reservation sales agent through the call, allowing for greater opportunity to connect with the caller
  • Multi-tasking-ready, non-blocking User Interface shortens talk time; agents can access different parts of the system while other parts are loading in the background
  • Prompts for critical guest data are built into call flow decreasing possibility of missing key information
  • User Interface creates call structure for optimum environment to convert calls into reservations
  • Easy-to-use format reduces reservation agent training time
  • Dynamic header photo makes it easy to differentiate properties within a group, fffering the agent a representation of the feel and style of the property
  • Booking application offers robust hotel information enabling the agent to easily answer guest questions
  • Data fields are available for multiple photos, floor plans, room layouts, weather links or Google map link for rich agent knowledge base
  • Hotel group set-up and display, enables easy cross-sell capability for increased conversions

Technology Features:

  • Runs on modern browsers with no plugins required
  • Interfaces are live for Oracle Opera, AutoClerk and Windsurfer
  • Interface with Synxis and more Central Reservation Systems coming soon
  • Built with scalability in mind to support reservations and call center offices anywhere or remote agents working from home