At Topaz Services, we make an investment to find the most qualified people to act as your hotel reservation agents. Our call center agents are well-trained effective communicators, and are highly skilled in presenting information to your callers. More than that, each agent is focused solely on the guest, ensuring that their needs are met. When callers get off the phone feeling excited about their upcoming stay, we know we’re doing things right. Acting on your brand’s behalf, our agents are not only committed to connecting and listening to your caller, but to really come across as helpful and friendly. You expect nothing less in hospitality, neither do we.

Remotely-working throughout the United States, each agent has a quiet environment to work in. With immediate access to up-to-date information that is prominently visible (including key details like date-bound temporary closures or on-going renovations), our reservation agents are able to confidently explain amenities and services that are currently available. Our agents have all the tools they need to quickly retrieve a guest’s reservation details, book special packages, corporate, negotiated and group rates. Most importantly, with quality control and regular incentive programs, our agents are driven to perform their best, translating to conversion rates of up to 90% of bookable calls, to increase revenue for your hotel.

Topaz Services is a trusted and reliable partner in Genuine Hospitality, in part because we are accessible and accommodating — especially invaluable in an ever-changing industry. We support our Hotel Reservation Agents with in-house-developed technology innovations to ensure that they have easiest-to-use and the most useful applications and tools. Our staff is fully engaged and committed in providing the best possible service that any call center can offer your hotel guests.