Central Reservations Office and On-Demand Contact Center

Topaz Services has been providing voice reservations services to the hotel industry since 1986. Our Oakland California voice center operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Topaz provides Private Label Voice Center Services to individual hotels, hotel groups and hotel management companies. Clients benefit from consistent high levels of service and excellent call conversion rates. Topaz’s Reservation Sales Associates (RSA’s) are trained, supervised, evaluated and participate in incentive programs in order to insure the highest level of customer service.

Topaz will provide custom voice reservation processing, private labeled to properties on an as-needed basis. These services will be made available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The RSA’s receiving calls will be trained in the specific characteristics of and amenities offered by the property as well local area points of interest to maximize caller assurance and increase call conversion rates. A unique 800 number may be added to the hotel website, if desired, to help convert lookers into bookers and accurately track voice reservations generated by the website. Customized messaging is created in the Topaz phone system call routes to promote individual property venues.

In addition to Hotel Room Reservations, full service Voice Reservation Services are evolving to include reservations processing for additional hotel services or add-ons such as Spa and Recreational packages as well as Parking, Breakfast and other package elements. Topaz call processing includes these elements when they are offered together with the hotel room in packages such as “Bed and Breakfast”, or “Spa Renewal” and a package price is all-inclusive.

Reports available online include: Production, Call Conversion, Call Disposition, Look-to-Book and Arrivals Reports and others.

Voice Services provided by Topaz:
  • 24 hour a day, 365 day per year Voice Reservations coverage
  • Flexible Call Distribution System with custom messaging
  • Knowledgeable staff, well trained on the property and local area, create caller confidence increasing conversion rates
  • Voice center sales tools such as feature-benefit and value based presentation
  • Information-rich Central Reservation System presenting the hotel’s key selling points, pricing structures and packages
  • Opt-in e-mail capture for newsletter and e-marketing
  • Guest confirmation e-mails and post-stay customizable thank-you / guest satisfaction surveys
  • High customer satisfaction levels due to knowledgeable, courteous staff
  • 24 hour access to reports including Production, Call-conversion, Call-disposition, Arrivals, Look-to-Book ratio, and others


For more information, please contact Jill Gustavson at (510) 628-4414 or via e-mail at jill@topazmail.com.