The founders and staff of Topaz Services draw on more than twenty-five years of experience in the hotel industry with value-based technology, services and know-how, to bring you Search Senior Living.  The idea for Search Senior Living came from the experience of one of the founders of Topaz Services, when she was attempting to use the Internet to find an appropriate living environment for her mother. A lot of information was available, but it was not organized to allow for an easy search, in order to find those senior communities that would meet her mother’s specific needs.

The result, after a year and a half of development, is With easy-to-use Search-and-Match functionality, it is one-of-a-kind in the senior living sector. The user-defined search system easily matches the potential resident to the most appropriate Senior Living Community.

For a user that is unfamiliar with senior living options, the system first helps by defining the various community types in a situational context and limiting the search to just those communities. For example if the user needs assistance with elements of daily living, but does not require constant nursing care, Assisted Living Communities may be the best choice. However, if the potential resident struggles with forgetfulness or disorientation, then communities with Memory Care services would be appropriate.

Once the user determines the appropriate community type, they select preferences, such as price-range, location, health & wellness services, religious affiliation etc. and communities are presented in the order in which they match the user’s choices. The communities are displayed showing the specific preferences that are matched. The user also has the option of displaying the communities based on the distance from a chosen location.

To try the site yourself, just go to:

For more information, please contact Jill Gustavson at (510) 628-4414 or via e-mail at