“We have had a strong working relationship with Topaz since we opened our original hotel in San Francisco, the Orchard Hotel in 2000. It was a clear choice to utilize ResOnCall for The Orchard Garden Hotel, when we looked at the call conversion rate and positive relationship we experienced with the Topaz staff throughout the years. Customer service and satisfaction is very important to us—we want to ensure that our guests’ calls are answered promptly and with the highest levels of customer care. The staff at Topaz helps us accomplish that.”

-Stefan Muhle, General Manager, Orchard Garden Hotel and the Orchard Hotel

About Orchard Garden Hotel

Orchard Garden Hotel is San Francisco’s innovative ‘green’ boutique hotel. Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, Orchard Garden Hotel is California’s first generation of true eco-friendly hotels – built to the national standards for ‘green’ buildings developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Learn more at: www.theorchardgardenhotel.com

Their eco-friendly hotel getaway offers an oasis of ‘green’-inspired hospitality for business and pleasure travelers in the beautiful City by the Bay.