Topaz Hotel Reservations Call Center Reviews

We love hearing back from guests about their experience with a Topaz Reservation Agent. It gives us great pride and satisfaction to know that we were able to provide genuine hospitality by forming a great connection during a call. Some examples:

  • “I am a frequent guest of the Hotel Del Sol (15 years).  I just got off of a call with Joanne and can’t say enough about her. Every year I come to San Francisco and I have preferences for specific things such as a particular room type, etcetera.  She took the time with me and was pleasant, going through all the options… it made me feel good.  I have been planning this trip with my family over the past 3 days with hotels, airlines and restaurants, and have not spoken to anyone half as genuine as Joanne. Oh, and what a sweet voice she has.  She’s a gem but you must already know that.”––MS. STROTHER, HOTEL DEL SOL GUEST

  • “May I please take this opportunity to commend one of your agents in central reservations?  Her name is Francesca and she helped me immensely this week with 9 rather complicated reservations with a professional courtesy that we rarely see these days.  She understood completely what need to be done and finished the bookings accurately and efficiently.  She is a prize within your organization and she is one of the reasons we will continue to book the Citizen Hotel.”––SUSAN D., THE CITIZEN HOTEL GUEST

  • “I had just booked 3 rooms at the Custom Hotel with Enrico and I felt I needed to tell someone how Awesome, Patient and Thorough he was.  He was able to answer all my questions.  He made me laugh and actually made the booking process fun.”––SHEILA S., CUSTOM HOTEL GUEST

  • “I just had to let you know that I received the most amazing customer service this evening when  I called to make my birthday reservations at the Hotel Kabuki.  Your employee’s name is Benoit.  He was very professional and kind during the whole phone conversation.  I am sure you already know what an asset he is to your company…but just in case you don’t…I wanted to let you know.”––MS. BROUILLARD, HOTEL KABUKI GUEST

  • “Andrea was very professional, courteous, kind, and very helpful. She was assisting me for a UCLA rate as I was coming in for a eye appointment.”––MS. COLEMAN, HOTEL ANGELENO GUEST

  • “Very rarely do I dive on to the computer to give a rave review but I have to say that Maureen in your reservations center is absolutely STELLAR! Thank you so much for hiring top notch people.”––NICO B, HOTEL DELUXE GUEST

  • “Courtney went above and beyond to assist me with getting my reservation adjusted after a colleague had changed it incorrectly.  I was impressed with Courtney’s phone smile and professional demeanor.”––MR. LIFZYC, HOTEL ADAGIO GUEST

  • “I just wanted to rave about the excellent customer service I received from Maureen.  My  husband and I were traveling from Toronto for our vacation and made reservations for the Hotel Adagio, Hotel Kabuki and for the Zen Suite at the Gaige House.  I had a lovely experience with Maureen and she was just full of great advice.”––MS. MUYS, GAIGE HOUSE GUEST

  • “I just wanted to let you know that Enrico is a gem. He was so friendly, knowledgeable and was able to find me exactly what I needed at the conference rate that I was hoping for. I travel often; there are very few Customer Service Representatives out there anymore that really take the time to listen and provide such excellent customer service as Enrico has provided for me.”––MS. DE GIOVANI, SAGUARO PALM SPRINGS GUEST

  • “First off let me say I love this hotel. They are amazing, unbelievable people. Andy the concierge/front desk gentleman was amazing, as well as Kenny our reservations agent. The extremely professional, friendly, wonderful service definitely started with Kenny, he was so helpful, friendly, and helped make our stay perfect. My girlfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary, I called the hotel and got Kenny, he made booking a reservation an easy enjoyment, and helped us save money by booking us with a promo rate. When we checked in the valet and bell staff were wonderful they helped with our luggage, always held the door open for my girlfriend and me, the housekeeping staff spectacular, they serviced our room quickly and amazingly. Andy was also amazing he made us reservations at an amazing Peruvian restaurant, after we had a fabulous dinner we were both happily surprised to see Happy Anniversary (Feliz Anniversario) written elegantly upon our dessert plates. Not many hotels go out of their way to make a guest feel cared for and happy in and out of the hotel itself. I will recommend to anyone reading this to definitely book a room here! They’re beautifully done, and I can guarantee you won’t regret it.”––MONKME25, HOTEL DELUXE GUEST

  • “I felt bad that I had no confirmation code for the reservation that I called for and needed a little extra help as well. But Marlana was patient, got me all set up… and with kindness. I later had to callback with a change in dates and Marlana continued her great service. I want you to know you are lucky to have her as a colleague, and that Marlana is ‘good as gold‘.”––MS. MILLER, HOTEL MURANO GUEST

  • “Last night I secured reservations at the Galleria Park Hotel for August and I feel compelled to share my experience with one of your reservation associates. After speaking with a number of other hotels’ respectively-irritated and unwelcoming associates, I stumbled upon your hotel for my next call. My associate’s name was Benoit who immediately identified my enthusiasm for visiting the area and showed me the kindness and customer service that I feel every single person deserves. Not only did he recommend an appropriate package for the week in which I was traveling, but he went the extra mile to make me feel like I was an impotant guest who was entitled to all of the amenities regardless of my travel intentions or my demographic background. It helped that he spoke french with me on the phone- filling the 2 year void that I have had since I studied in France. I could not complete my visit without letting you know of my excellent experience in reserving my stay with you. Not only am I now a Joy of Life Club member, but also I am an advocate for your hotel. The reservation process was simple, fun, and informative. I have to say ‘thank you’ to Benoit for all of his help and for making a stressful reservation process into an enjoyable one.”––MS. HYMEN, GALLERIA PARK HOTEL GUEST

  • “Please acknowledge Kenny in your reservation department. He is the ultimate in customer service. He was delightful, respectful, knowledgeable, helpful, and knew how to treat a potential customer. In today’s world, great customer service has pretty much gone by the wayside. So, we think it’s important to recognize it when it occurs. Congratulations, Kenny, for providing superb customer service. You are a true gentleman! Sincerely,”––MR. & MRS. FISCHER, HOTEL DELUXE GUESTS

  • “Thanks again for your help, I asked the ladies who helped me with both my reservation to also put notes… super fantastic customer service! They were all really pleasant to deal with, I believe their names were Rosanna and Natasha. I can’t remember the last one, but if the experience stands up to the service I’ve received thus far I am sure it will be great!”––KELSEY N., HOTEL MAX GUEST

  • “I just want to say Monica was fantastic.  She definitely went the extra mile in assisting me. I had a hard time trying to reach the front desk to confirm a credit card authorization form for a same-day arrival. She was very patient with me, took the time to help, and very professional. I book a lot of reservations for my boss and Monica just made my day.  I like her personality and how she gives personal attention.”


  • “Becky provided customer service that was much more than I expected. She was very pleasant and professional. She took the time to listen to my needs and professionally assisted me in booking the room I wanted. Becky should be called out at the meeting because her customer service was really great.”––MS. KRANTZ, TOPAZ CALLER

  • Louis gave me the best customer service I had ever experienced. Do not let him go! I don’t want to say you would be stupid to, but… you really would be. He had an honest answer to everything I asked. He didn’t make anything up or tell me “that is not my department”, he just gave me an honest and well-spoken answer to every question I had. He never rushed me, or stalled me or acted superior or bored; just honestly cared. I really tried to stump him too! He mostly wanted us to know that he has an eye out for YOUR hotel and it shows. I asked him about some of your competitors and he always brought the conversation back to you, by saying ‘let me tell you how close WE are to shopping; he never said negative things about your competitors, he just used it to tell me about what Sentinel had. Louis is a service ninja, maybe than a ninja. What’s better than a ninja? Well I don’t know, but he’s on TOP of his GAME. I don’t know what magic training you guys do there but it WORKS!–ANDREW D, SENTINEL GUEST