C5 (Cloud-Connected Call Center Console) presents to the hospitality industry a universal user interface that is specifically designed for call center CROs or in-house reservations agents to effectively handle reservations with ease.

C5 ensures a remote agent is fully knowledgeable about the hotel. It encourages a more curated way of presenting information to agents, rather than using descriptions that are copy-and-pasted from the website.  C5 promotes the use of quality images, useful maps, floor plans, and a central place for latest-at-the-property details like current COVID-19 protocols, renovations and pool closures.

C5 keeps an agent focused on the caller by minimizing the time between an inquiry and a quick confident answer, as the information is right on the application, somewhere on the hotel’s website or any other source online.  The quickness of the agent’s response eliminates dead air time, which promotes having confidence in the agent and provides a positive exchange while maintaining an environment that is conducive for building rapport with the caller. In short, with C5, Topaz shares some of what makes our agents effective at bringing the most revenue possible for your hotel via your Voice channel.

While Topaz is based in the US, C5 can be used anywhere in the world. Agents, both English and non-English speakers, can be confident in using C5 which supports multiple languages.  Dates, times and amounts are properly displayed in local formats, and C5 includes a built-in currency converter for the convenience of the foreign traveler.

C5 has live integrations with Windsurfer CRS, Vertical Booking CRS, Opera PMS, and AutoClerk PMS and myHMS and the list is growing.  SynXis CRS support is coming soon.

There is no need to install additional software as C5 works on modern browsers.  Talk to us to see how we can get your staff to be more effective and efficient at call handling with C5.